Shotgun 5X 28ser Exotic Fruit

Shotgun 5X 28ser Exotic Fruit

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  • Helps Increase Muscle Mass
  • Helps Accelerate Recovery
  • Heightens Blood Flow
  • More Intense Training and Muscle Pumps
  • Great-Tasting Flavors

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From VPX, Shotgun 5x is a cutting-edge pre-workout that specializes in powerful growth of muscles, promoting skin-tearing-like results, while also supporting recovery. Shotgun 5x fuels your toughest workouts to provide crazy intense muscle pumps that lead to muscle growth and heightened ability to build bigger muscle. Shotgun 5x also contains powerful fat burning ingredients to keep your fat content down and muscle content up. Shotgun 5x also contains BCAAs to lessen your fatigue and increase focus.

VPX Shotgun 5x got its name because of its formula, designed to start up muscle genes 5x using its synergistic blend of ingredients. Shotgun 5x uses active ingredients creatine and beta-alanine as well, included to give you boosts of energy so you can put out more reps and sets. VPX is a brand you can trust when it comes to supplements, as they pride themselves on creating innovative products that will help you transform your body and workouts.




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