Essential Whey Protein 2Kg Orange Burst

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Essential Whey Protein 2Kg Orange Burst

Whey Protein Isolate as Primary Source
Versatile enough to be taken anytime of the day
Consists of 24g Protein and 5g BCAAs
0g Sugar – No Sugar has been added to this product

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        Scitron Essential Whey Protein is a super-blend with Whey Protein Isolate being the primary source of protein in each serving. Blended with nutrient-rich, micro-filtered Whey Protein Concentrate, it packs in 24g of high quality protein in each serving. Made with premium ingredients, it delivers great nutritional value and helps achieve desired results. Not all proteins are created equal. Whey Protein Isolate - the purest and most premium form of whey protein achieved through the filtration of lactose, carbs and fat is the primary ingredient in Scitron Essential Whey Protein. This, along with micro-filtered Whey Protein Concentrate makes up this specialized blend, which delivers 24g of protein per serving for maximum nutritional support.

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